Altree are 3 very young (Jens Van Nieuwenborgh), young (Brent Hooper) and reasonably young (Diedrik Tas) musicians.

Jens has a solo career as Van Jensen for which he has high streaming numbers on Pandora internet radio in the US with 1 song (the only one he doesn't sing on...).

Brent grew up in LA (USA) where he spent most of his youth and adolescence playing Pearl Jam solos in his bedroom.

Diedrik quickly figured out that he had no talent for any specific instrument and therefore decided to learn to play all instruments.

After 5 years of playing together in a cover band, we decided it was time for the next step and started writing our own songs, inspired by songwriting weekends in Diedrik's cabin in the Belgian Ardens.

Our music is inspired by Americana artists such as Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, ... It offers a warm and cosy blanket to cover the ugliness of life-as-we-know-it.

We just released our first album, titled "The Woods", available through iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc.